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Beginner’s Guide to Types of Renewable Energy for Your Home
There are just five types of renewable energy that make sense to install in your home. Two of them can produce electricity and the other three can all heat (and even cool) your house. Discover which one is best for you.
Why Your Business Will Die Without Great Content
The old ways of marketing your products or services, i.e. shouting "BUY MY STUFF" just don't work anymore without a race to the bottom on price. Today, you need to create a relationship with your customers which makes them want you, and this article shows you how.
The Astounding Quantum Revolution of Solar Energy
We have had solar panels for over 70 years and yet most of us can't afford to install them for free electricity from the sun. In this article, I examine how close we are to all of our homes being mini power stations.
Impact on Retailers of a 3D Printing Revolution
The internet has brought about huge changes to the world of shopping, but is not yet the 'game changer' that was expected. I argue that 3D printing in the home will bring about the demise of retail shops.